World's First High-Intensity Location Game for Mobile Phones

Zap Ghosts in the Real World

A mobile phone loaded with RayGun software emits “spectral” energy that lets you attract and track ghosts. Some are friendly and helpful; others will put an end to your game unless you get them first!

RayGun is a GPS game, and to play it you have to move through the real world—that is, running around using your real feet.

To aim the raygun at a ghost, you move toward it. Moving quickly increases the raygun’s range.

The longer you play, the more ghosts you attract, and the faster you have to move to stay ahead.

Cool, Sweet, or Freaky?

At the 2005 GDC Mobile, RayGun was included in the World Tour of Mobile Games—the "coolest, sweetest, freakiest mobile games from all over the world."

Begin walking toward a ghost. The RayGun beam appears as a yellow cone. At first (above), the beam is too short and too far to the east to zap the red ghost.

Walk faster, and the beam becomes more powerful. Now the beam is long enough, but it still isn’t aimed at the red ghost.

Adjust your aim by veering left, and the beam swings onto your target. ZAP!

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